How Do You Know If You Have Head Lice

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How Do You Know If You Have Head Lice

You might always get scared just thinking about lice, which is quite common and understandable. As these tiny bugs can infect the skin and scalp, resulting in severe itchiness, and may even cause a rash near the affected area. So, looking for the best head lice treatment Seattle WA is everytime suggested to get easily rid of them. 


The lice come in many different types. The affected area of your body determines the type of lice you have –


  • The scalp is infected by head lice.
  • Pubic lice are also known as “crabs”, which infest your genital region.
  • Other parts of the body are affected by body lice, which are frequently found in clothes. 


More than 10 million of people are infected by lice each year. And head lice are most active at night time. They will itch so badly that your child or you might have trouble sleeping because of them. Although it hurts, but lice won’t make you sick. They are not even a sign that you are dirty and they don’t spread disease. Even if you take a lot of showers and wash your hair thoroughly, you can still get lice. 


Instead of leaping or flying, these annoying creatures crawl to the nearest head. As head-to-head contact is the most common way to spread head lice. They can also spread to hats, helmets, combs, bedding, pillows, and even earbuds. Also, crawling on rugs can spread head lice to young children. For this, you need to get all-natural lice treatment Seattle from a trusted place and enjoy peace of mind. 


It’s essential to be aware of the early symptoms of head lice. After that, you will be able to take the best head lice treatment Seattle WA to ensure comfort and prevent them from spreading throughout your house.




Before getting at home head lice treatment Seattle WA from a reliable place, you primarily need to recognize the early symptoms of head lice. In addition to extreme itching on the scalp, lice can cause symptoms, such as –


  • a sensation of something tickling your head, hair, or body;
  • extreme irritation;
  • sores that form after you scratch them;
  • difficulty sleeping;
  • the appearance of lice eggs, which are small white objects in your hair;
  • red bumps on your head, neck, shoulders, or genital area;


Lice are even popular as “nits”, which are quite difficult to brush out of the hair and appear on hair shafts.




These pests are parasites, which are insect types that can’t survive without human blood. Most of the time, head lice dwell behind the ears and close to the scalp. They might also be visible on the eyelashes and eyebrows. So, look for the best lice killing treatment Seattle to get rid of theme fast. Basically, female grown-up lice lay six to eight eggs a day on your scalp, and they spread from that point. There are three kinds of lice to be looked for –


·       Nits or Lice Eggs


These kinds of lice are about half the size of a pinhead and very small. It’s hard to see them. Although they may be the same color as your hair, the oval-shaped eggs typically appear yellow or white. They are difficult to remove and are only on the first 1-2 inches of the hair shaft closest to the scalp. They could be mistaken for hairspray build-up or dandruff. Typically, head lice nits hatch within 8 to 9 days. When they do, they leave behind transparent shells that stay attached to the hair shaft and have a grayer appearance.

A Nymph


A baby louse is also known as a nymph. It’s the result of the nit. It grows for 9 to 12 days and eats the blood on your scalp. A nymph and adult lice commonly avoid light and move quickly. Mites begin to appear on your skin, hair, and anywhere your head has touched. It may not begin immediately.


Adult Lice


Adult lice are about the size of a sesame seed and measure between 2 and 3 millimeters in length, which are tan or greyish-white in color. These kinds of lice have six legs with claws at the ends that make it easy for them to cling to your hair in a secure way. Adult head lice typically remain on your head for 30 days. They pass away in one to two days if they fall off.


In case any of the above-mentioned lice types are identified in your scalp, make sure to have the best head lice treatment Seattle WA to get rid of them fast. 




Obviously, head lice are spreadable. You should get at home head lice treatment Seattle WA to keep them from being shared or caught. Don’t share your personal items, like hats, hairbrushes, hairclips, and combs, along with regularly washing your sheets and clothes is mandatory. In case you think you might have head lice in your home, you need to vacuum the floor and furniture, and then cover the furniture with a plastic drop cloth for a few weeks to avoid spreading infections. 




It’s difficult to break lice from spreading in schools and childcare settings. During playtime, you can ask your child to avoid head-to-head contact with other children. Additionally, avoiding lockers and closets, where clothing and hats are shared can help to stop the spreading of lice. Even though you are following good hygiene habits, your child might still get lice. If this is the case, taking prescription or recommended medications to alleviate symptoms is the most effective approach.




There are several prescription medications commonly used to treat head lice fast. You can easily purchase a gentle shampoo used to treat head lice that contains pyrethrin or permethrin. You must ensure to seek your physician’s recommendations ahead of using any medications in your infected area. 


The following medications may be commonly prescribed by your doctor –


  • benzyl alcohol lotion, which is a lotion that you need to apply to your hair and scalp for ten minutes before rinsing off; 
  • malathion, which you need to rub into your scalp and hair before rinsing off with normal water;
  • lindane shampoo 


It’s mandatory to read the labels of all prescription medications and follow the directions to have the best lice killing treatment Seattle.


It’s Time To Consult An Expert For The Best Head Lice Treatment


You are always suggested to consult a specialist if you are unsure whether you or a member of your family has head lice. To make the nits more visible, your physician will use a special light called a Wood’s light to determine whether you have lice or not. Also, home treatments can be used to get rid of lice and prevent further symptoms if you do have them. If required, you can also get over-the-counter treatments and often wash the contaminated towels, sheets, or clothing. 


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